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Nepal Aid worker jailed in Nepal for child sexual abuse A Canadian national sentenced to nine years in jail a month after he was convicted of sexually abusing children. The sentencing comes amid fears that Nepal has become a target for foreign paedophiles acting under the cover of aid work or philanthropy. Nepalese police said the sentence imposed on Dalglish, the subject of an investigation by Al Jazeera's East programme , was a landmark decision. Local community shocked Dalglish, who spent almost 20 years working with some of the world's poorest children in Africa, Afghanistan and Asia, plans to appeal the guilty verdict, his lawyer said. Whistleblowers are silenced and forced out. Cover-up, deny, protect the predator remain the norm Lori Handrahan, a humanitarian expert Over the course of his career, the Canadian was employed by major aid organisations like the United Nations, set up his own charity, Street Kids International, and won prestigious awards for his work.
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Aid worker jailed in Nepal for child sexual abuse

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Links Abstract The objectives of this review are to better understand how to respond to adverse sex ratios at birth in Nepal, first by synthesising at the country level what is known about levels, trends and factors underlying unbalanced sex ratios at birth, as well as initiatives with potential to reverse the trend; and secondly to examine, through primary research, the perspectives of stakeholders about the programmes that aim to empower girls to respond to adverse sex ratio at birth in selected settings, and assess the extent to which such a programme or initiative shows promise or may be scalable, if at all. Findings are expected to draw attention to gaps in evidence and outline areas of research that are needed to arrive at evidence-based recommendations for action, and to provide evidence-based guidance to help policy-makers and donors determine feasible and effective interventions that may hold promise. The review reveals that sex-selective abortion is an emerging issue in Nepal, very much connected to the easy accessibility to prenatal sex-determination technology, the religious and socio-economic value given to sons over daughters, pressure put on women to bear sons, and the dowry system prevalent in Nepal, all of which increase the likelihood of sex-selective abortion. The situation is further accentuated by the lack of focused policies and programs to address gender discrimination, and weak enforcement of law relating to dowry and sex determination practices, meaning that the demand for sex-selective abortion could increase.
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‘They’ve sold you’: sex trafficking in Nepal

Stop Girl Trafficking Program in Nepal: An Evaluation About the Project Nepal is a source country for men, women, and children who are subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Nepali women and girls are subjected to sex trafficking in Nepal, India, and the Middle East as well as forced labor in Nepal and India as domestic servants, beggars, factory workers, mine workers, and in the adult entertainment industry. They are trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced labor to other Asian destinations, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, and South Korea.
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