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By Theresa Massony Apr 24 Remember the proverbial "awkward phase" everyone had? You know, the one everyone associates with middle school, braces and side bangs? Well, my awkward phase started when I was conceived, and if my current interactions with the general population are any indication, it's still going strong. If you're an anxiety-ridden awk-o taco like I am, you know talking to ANYONE is a goddamn feat, much less talking to really attractive people at bars. Wow, there is an absurd number of people in this bar. Why am I here?
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How to Get a Girl’s Number in a Bar

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By Matthew Farris Mar 14 It's pretty much common knowledge that the bar is not the best place to meet good, wholesome, bring-home-to-mom type of girls, but if you're a single something guy, chances are you spent at least a couple nights a month frequenting these fine or not so fine establishments. We arrive in flocks, ready to take on the evening and search out opposite-sex companionship. Trust me when I tell you, girls, we don't ever want to just "go out with our friends and dance" like you do. We don't formulate plots to fend off any possible approaching females the way you do males. And guys, unless you're simply looking for sex with any rando, common sense dictates that a place where people go with the main purpose of getting inebriated and throwing caution to the wind is not the best environment to cultivate the beginnings of a relationship. Even if you are just looking for a string-free sexual encounter, your local watering hole is going to be loud, crowded, and full of competition. But fear not.
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It may seem unfair, but just because a group of girls are out at a bar together, maybe even pounding shots, doesn't necessarily mean they're single and ready to mingle. You may be scoping someone out when the last thing on her mind is hooking up. She could be hashing out the details of a recent breakup with her best friend, having a girls' night out, or catching up with an old friend over drinks. Bottom line is, there are certain times when, no matter who you are or what you say, wandering over there unsolicited is only going to invite the death stare. Here are a few signs to determine whether the group you're approaching will welcome you in with open arms or ward you off like a vicious intruder: What Is She Wearing?

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