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August 11, Cleaning My Stable My stable manager, Sarah Levins, and her team members, Dolma and Pemba, do a wonderful job of caring for my horses, pony and donkeys. They also work hard to maintain the stable - keeping it clean, well-stocked and comfortable for my dear equids. Once a year, my Bedford, New York stable undergoes a heavy, thorough cleaning - this is important not only for the wellness of the horses, but for the stable itself. This week, while two of my Friesians are up at Skylands with me, the stable was given a complete scrubbing - the walls were power washed, the floors and mats were cleaned and thoroughly dried, and every nook and cranny was inspected. Here are some photos - enjoy. There is a lot of activity going on at my stable.
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Seche-etable Stable Drying Agent

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Their digestive system has evolved to cope with a fibre-based diet, with the emphasis on digestion in the hind gut caecum and large intestine. Old pasture is ideal for most horses and ponies with only supplementary hay requirements during the winter months. However, the natural variety of grass and herbage is often lost in a modern sown pasture where one or two nutrient-rich grass types and clover may dominate. As a consequence, there are often seasonal flushes in grass growth horses are then more prone to weight gain and laminitis and the need for supplementary feeding at other times. This should ensure the maintenance of a good body condition, a healthy weight, repair from injury and should provide energy for growth and work.
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Horse Licks

Feeding Good care and favourable conditions help raise the calf into a well-producing ruminant! The main goal in the early breeding of calves is to produce healthy, forage utilising animals for milk and meat production. The significance of successful feeding during suckling season remains the same regardless of the future purpose of use for the calf. The best tender for a newborn calf is its own dam The basic needs for a baby calf At least 24 hours inside the calving stall with the dam, during which time the dam can lick and suckle its calf freely drying, heat, suckling several times Colostrum acquisition is monitored and colostrum is given within 4 to 6 hours from birth energy and antibodies The calf is suckled with a teat all through the suckling period enhancement of digestion and satisfaction of sucking need, group breeding possible!
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Getting rid of ice in paddocks Icy paddocks cause slips and falls that can lead to serious injury. The best solution is to remove the horse from the paddock until the ice melts, but few horse owners have that option. Sand and salt Use sand to increase traction on ice.

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